Otakuthon 2018 Volunteer Application

General Information


A 6 digit number starting with 1

Health & Security Information

Who is your emergency contact?
Note that either the home OR cellular number is required.

Volunteering Experience

Let us know how long you’ve been volunteering.


Tasks & Availability:

Tell us what you would like to do and when you will be available during the convention to volunteer. Please note that we have hours for setup and tear-down which are on the day before and the day after the event.
Refer to the Volunteer Rewards page under the Volunteers tab on the Otakuthon website to help you choose.
NOTE: Only volunteers who contribute 15 hours or more will receive a yellow volunteer T-shirt. Please specify your size.
* Wednesday availability is in an emergency case ONLY; we cannot guarantee you will be working said hours. 
** Each hour volunteered during the night shifts (11pm to 6am) will be counted as 1.5 volunteer hours (e.g. if you volunteer for 5 hours during the night shift, they will count as 7.5 hours). If underage, you cannot volunteer past 11pm.

By submitting this application you agree that you have read and understood the Volunteer FAQ, Volunteer Policy and Reimbursement pages of the Otakuthon website and oblige by these rules and regulations.