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Badge pick-up will begin on:
Thursday August 21st 2014 at 3:00 PM

If you missed our pre-registration period, you can also register at the door at that moment.
We will be waiting for you with open arms!

Rates Calendar

June 2 to
August 2
August 3 to
August 15
After August 15 August 21 to
August 24
August 22
August 23
August 24
At the Palais des congrès (at door) $50.00 At the Palais des congrès (at door) $30.00 At the Palais des congrès (at door) $40.00 At the Palais des congrès (at door) $30.00
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Sale of Friday and Weekend badge only
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* Children aged 11 and under, born after July 31, 2002, will be admitted free of charge but must be accompanied by their parent/guardian (adult 18 years or older) and registered as a group member under their registration.


Register now! T-shirts, brunch and concert tickets will be available in limited quantities, so be sure to get them when completing your pre-registration!

T-Shirt: $20.00

Ordering the T-shirt with your pre-registration is the only way to ensure you get one. These souvenir T-shirts will be also sold at the Otakuthon official Merchandise Table, however availability is not guaranteed as there will be limited quantities ordered.

Sunday Brunch: $30.00

Otakuthon will be hosting a Sunday morning guest brunch from 9:00am - 11:00am at the Holiday Inn Select. For just $30, you get an all-you-can-eat buffet brunch while having a nice chat with our guests of honour! Get your tickets now! Seating is limited and tickets can only be purchased during pre-registration.