Panelist/Workshop Host Registration

Provide the following information for each panelist/workshop host in your group. To register more people, click the 'Add' link (found at the bottom right of the box below).

This number should start with a "1" and be at least 6 digits in length.
Full name
First name
If no, please write "no" in the text box. If "yes", please write the name of the convention, the year, and the name of the panel/workshop.
This can include anything from Masquerade to Tournaments to Screenings to Contests. Anything you would like to attend must be written here.
Please remember that panels and workshops will be held at the following times during the convention:
Friday: 11am - 1am
Saturday: 11am - 1am
Sunday: 11am - 5pm

*You can submit as many ideas as you wish, but remember that you will be automatically considered as an applicant for your ideas (maximum 6 per person).

Panel/Workshop Registration

- Please provide the following information for each panel/workshop. To add more panels/workshops, click the "Add" link (found at the bottom right of the box below).
- Maximum of 10 panels can be registered at once.
- Make sure that your panel/workshop idea is only submitted once by your group.

Maximum 3 sentences (350 character limit, including spaces). Your description will be subject to editing, if needed.
Describe in detail the format of your panel/workshop and what you will be discussing in point form. Make sure that you describe your panel/workshop to the best of your ability to have a higher chance of being selected.
If you choose 16+ as the rating for your panel, this means that your panel may contain graphic violence, sexuality, eroticism, ecchi, horror, and full frontal nudity.
If you choose 18+ as the rating for your panel, this means that your panel may contain hentai, explicit sexuality or other pornographic material, as well as extreme or excessive violence and gore.
***Please note that 16+ and 18+ panels will be scheduled after 8PM and 11PM respectively.
45 minutes
90 minutes
*If you are a new panelist, you can only apply for a 45 minute panel. (This rule does not apply to workshops.)
Please include all of the names of panelists/workshop hosts here as well as above in the 'Add participant' section or they may not be considered. You may not be able to add panelists/workshop hosts later.
Audio equipment
Room space
Note: You cannot request a computer or a laptop as you must bring your own laptop. Number of microphones vary depending on room size. Projectors will be compatible with both VGA and HDMI.
You may put here any other information you feel is relevant, but has not been asked. Any concerns may also be written here, and will be addressed by email.

Panels & Workshops - Rules and Regulations 2018

Please read the Rules and Regulations.
I UNDERSTAND AND AGREE to abide by the terms outlined in the Rules and Regulations 2018.
Please answer the following questions as a confirmation that you have understood the rules and regulations.
30 minutes, 60 minutes
45 minutes or 90 minutes, 90 minutes
55 minutes or 110 minutes, 110 minutes
5 minutes before / 10 minutes before
15 minutes before / 30 minutes before
45 minutes before / 60 minutes before
USB key containing your presentation
Laptop already containing your presentation
Wait for a Panels & Workshops staff to pass by and fix the problem
Immediately go to the Panels & Workshops table to find a staff member to fix the problem
A Panels & Workshops staff member will immediately end your presentation and tell you to leave the room for the next group to set up
At the special line-up for panelists and workshop hosts only
At the pre-registration line
At the Panels and Workshops table on Saturday afternoon and Sunday of the convention
At the Volunteers office at the end of the convention weekend

By pressing the "Submit" button below, you agree that the information you have given is accurate to the best of your knowledge. You also agree to follow the Panels & Workshops Guidelines, as well as be responsible for all content presented during your panel or workshop.